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A personal touch

I’ve spent several months studying option trading books and (free and paid) courses. It was a mixed bag.
Most courses explain the ‘how’ (which approach may work until it doesn't) but don’t invest effort into explaining the ‘why.’
This is a problem because without understanding the reasons, you will definitely lose money.

During the 2021 Christmas holidays, I stumbled upon Karl Domm's YouTube Channel, which debunks FURUs.
I really enjoyed the show as it reveals the common tricks to obtain fees for worthless strategies.
On Karl's channel, there was a course where he claimed he found an edge: Ron Bertino's PMTT Course.

Discovering the Portfolio Margin Trading Tactics course was a turning point for me and
I can agree with Karl: this course finally had an edge!

PMTT Course

The short version: It was worth every penny.
The longer version: The amount of information is beyond any course I've seen.
Ron is very detail-oriented and provides all the information and gotchas (gold nuggets) you would need to start trading
income strategies successfully. Taking the course comes with one invaluable benefit:
You will be joining a community of like-minded options traders who take their business
seriously and don’t hesitate to share and support each other.

MasterMinds meets MesoSim

Taking the PMTT course and doing manual backtesting led to the development of our simulator, MesoSim.
The MasterMind group (part of Ron's community) has been used as an incubator for the simulator,
and many experienced traders helped beta-testing and improve the product by providing their feedback.

During the test period, numerous successful strategies (even ones with Sharpe > 3 on a multi-year period) were
developed and tested using MesoSim.

So after I gave my honest review, I am glad to provide you with an affiliate link to Trading Dominion’s courses.
I’ll receive a small commission if you subscribe to Ron Bertino’s courses via this link.

I’m sure you’ll find it as worthwhile as I did!

- Tibor
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